Sunday, August 3

Weigh In [Week 2]

I'm a little late posting this, my bad, but I worked all weekend and I tend to sleep on my work breaks (even though I come home with every intention to clean, cook, write or read).

Anyways, yesterday Kristy (my cousin who goes to WW with me) called around 10 and asked if I wanted to go weigh in early then grab a bite to eat. We had gone out the night before so I was more than happy to grab some food asap. The weigh in went well - I was down 2.2lbs and like I said in my last post I'm more than happy with a 2lb loss (or any loss) after a big first week!

So now I am down a total of 8.1lbs since joining weight watchers and feeling wonderful about it. My weekend was pretty off track so I know I need to refocus and have a solid week. If I want to reach my goal of losing 20lbs before we head to Florida then I need to be super focused and on track. I have 11.9lbs to lose in 6 weeks and 2lbs a week would be a super steady and impressive weight loss. If you've followed my blog before it's usually anything but steady... its always up and down for me so I have to be hardcore. Im really motivated though and I know if I stick to the plan I can get there.

This week I'm challenging myself to be a little more creative and find some fun and healthy recipes so I don't get bored of my meals. I am so not a cook so I'm pretty basic but I don't want to eat the same thing every day so I need to suck it up and whip something easy up. Any ideas? Please comment!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me the last couple of weeks - it means so much to me! If you have advice to give or a story to share - anything! - please do not hesitate to message me because I love connecting with my readers!

Big Love,
Bailey J 


  1. Hi! I don't think I've ever left you a comment before, but I've been stalking, I mean reading, your blog for a long time now lol. I'm in a very similar situation as you in terms of struggling with my weight for a long time, and just struggling with sticking to things in general. Except you have kept up with this blog for a long time so that is a major thing to be proud me, I wish I could say I have stuck with something so long! Actually I just started fresh with my own blog, so that's something I will definitely work on. But anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" and that I'm really looking forward to your next post! If you want an accountability partner, just someone to email or text or whatever, I am definitely here! I know I'm a stranger and so it's kind of weird, but I'm definitely rooting for you :)

    Lots of love,


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