Thursday, November 13

Help me, help Stephen!

So, have you heard Stephen Lewis' story yet? I know it's floating around pretty rapidly at this point. If you have seen it I know that you are just as impressed and inspired as the rest of us are! If not, please keep reading! Actually, just sit back, relaxed and get inspired!

WOW, right? If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will! What an amazing story that is so worth sharing. Tomorrow is Stephens birthday but there really was no point in waiting to spread the word until his birthday as his story is already getting coverage by the big times such as CBC - incredible. I know I won't be able to reach as many people as CBC through my blog but I figure with between my 400 followers, 400 FB likes, 400 twitter followers and 400 instagram followers maybe ONE person will hear this story and be inspired to change their life which is what its all about.

So now it's your turn to spread Stephens amazing story and give him the best 25th birthday gift ever.
Happy Birthday Stephen!

Big Love,

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