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no boys&no booze january and 2015 resolutions

My resolutions are a bit different this year. I decided to focus my resolutions and goals for the year around being a better, more well rounded person rather than just solely focusing on being skinny which is usually my goal. Yes, I'd like to lose weight, but I'd also like to work on a whole list (see below) of others things because being thin is a small, semi irrelevant part of being a human. Instead of saying hey, i'm going to lose 90 lbs this year (because lets face it, I wont) I want to focus my energy on just treating my body better in general in all kinds of different ways as well as my mind. So here's my list : 

What do you think? We will see how it goes but I think these are achievable goals and even if I only achieve some of them it will make me better. 

The most difficult for me will be to exercise and to drink and party less. I am currently on day 4 of a a month of no alcohol and although it's not so hard yet,it's only been 4 days since I drank and I think it will be much more difficult in 5 days when another weekend rolls around, I haven't drank in a week and my friends are going to the bar. I'm committed though!

You may wonder why I'm doing this and you may wonder if I think I'm an alcoholic. Honestly, I don't know. I do know that there is alcoholism on both sides of my family, I do know I love to drink and party, I do know that I have used alcohol to feel more happy, relaxed, fun etc and I do know that I get the blues for a couple days after I drink way more often than I should be. These reasons are enough for me as a level headed human being to know that I could use a bit of a break. 

I've spent a lot of sundays laying in bed with the blues. I do love to go out but it's hard on my bank account and sometimes my lows are super low. Like I mentioned in my last post, Im naturally someone who gets really down when Im sad but drinking can definitely be to blame at times and it certainly doesn't help. I feel so worthless and sad and it's really unhealthy for me. I need to get back to a place where drinking is not a 1-3x a week thing and rather a fun thing I do a couple of times a month - that is the goal. 

So for now I'm just kind of detoxing the bod, saving a bit of money and taking control of the whole partying thing. Am I quitting forever? No. Is continuing to not drink after January out of the question? No, of course not, if I feel like it's benefiting my life and it's not making me miss out on something I'd really like to do then it's very possible I'd stay sober through February and March or maybe just a couple of weeks.. I'm playing it by ear. But for now - January is booze free. 

January is also boys free... well.. I'm trying. I just have met so many idiots in the past year and I recently thought I found a really good guy and was let down by him and it pushed me over the edge. I promptly made this no boy decision because I need it. I'm not like giving up men for life or losing faith in true love I'm just making a smart, healthy decision for myself to stay away from men for a while. I just let them in and they let me down and I feel sad and wonder what the hell is wrong with me and I'm totally tired of that feeling. So No Booze No Boys 2015 is a go... until February ;) 

I'd love to know everyone else's goals - leave me a comment and let me know one thing you're working toward this year. 

Thank you so much for all the support I've received since writing my last post.. motivates me to write more. Love you all! xox

Big Love,


  1. Proud of you and your support you XOXOXO

  2. Such a great idea, to focus on goals to make you a better person rather just to lose weight, I'm going to adopt that concept for my resoloutions too! You've also inspired me to go pop free for january, my consumtion has been creeping up again and whilst the diet versions aren't calorie laden they definatly aren't good for me either!

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  4. My goal is to be more mindful and meditate more. I want to be present.

    I feel like I'm always thinking about the past and analysing things or dreaming of the future but am never just in the here and now!

    Apart from when I travel when I travel I'm totally in the present. So I want that mindset for 2015


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