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21 Day Fix Week 1 : My Honest Review

Hey strangers!

I feel like half the time I show up on my blog it's because I'm on a diet and it's very possible that it's true! So yes.. I am on a diet and yes, I am back to the blog. Writing about and interacting with readers about weight loss or anything that I'm struggling with or thinking about seems to make it easier for me to work out and deal with so I guess that's why I'm drawn here. I haven't written in f o r e v e r and I miss it all the time. I don't sing or write or do some of the things that make me happy and make me who I am and I know I need to work on that!

So in the past year I have pretty much given up on exercise and healthy eating. I had little spells where I would eat well and lose a couple of pounds but it never stuck. In the past year I've also come a long way as far as loving my body and I've been consciously trying to  incorporate body positivity into my own life (and hopefully spreading a bit of that bug to those around me too).

That being said I've become completely complacent as far as developing better eating habits or keeping moderately active. Yes, I have two jobs and Im on the go most days of the week but I haven't even gone for a walk in months until now. I have done the emotional and psychological work to learn to love my body but I haven't been showing that respect I claim to have for myself and for my body by treating it well. I have been extremely unhealthy and have kind of come to terms with the fact that I have a serious binge eating problem.

I know many people don't believe that binge eating disorders and food addiction are real diseases or are real eating disorders or even real issues. Binge eating is one of the toughest struggles I've faced so I'm going to have to agree to disagree hard on that one. I rely on binge eating to deal with stress, anxiety and depression which I've only recently sought alternative treatment for. Programs like weight watchers pretty much perpetuated my binge eating because I could just hoard all my points until the end of the day and go crazy which is why I decided not to go back to weight watchers. I am embarrassed of what I've been eating and how much of it I've been eating for the past while. It's not okay and I've started to worry about my health.

So when I hit my highest weight ever I started thinking maybe I should make some changes.  My new highest weight is only 2lbs above my previous highest weight and I have been sitting not too far from it for a while anyway but I knew regardless of whether I was okay in this skin, or felt fine at this weight, the way I have been treating my body is not okay and eventually it's going to start effecting my health big time.

I was kind of nervous to try to lose weight and to tell people I was trying to lose weight because I do so much of the "love yourself at any weight" talk that I didn't want it to undermine that or take away from it because I do truly believe that you should love and appreciate your body no matter what. But because I love myself and care for myself I have to remember that eating a balanced diet and being active are really important for the health of this body that I claim to love and that body positivity and eating healthy and weight loss are not mutually exclusive and can actually go hand in hand. If I was this weight and eating well and feeling good then it wouldn't feel like an issue.

So that leads me to my goal and why I chose to try the 21 day fix. Essentially what I need to learn is portion control and try to lead a more balanced lifestyle. I will never be the person who doesn't eat treats and I don't want to be that person. I never want to deprive myself of bbqs or parties so that I won't eat.. because if I'm around it, I will. Being pleasantly plump is fine with me if I get to enjoy some wine and burgers every once in a while but Id like to incorporate more healthy meals into my life and a lot less binge eating.

The 21 Day Fix doesn't leave much room for enjoying wine and burgers but I find strict is the best way to at least get me back into things. A bunch of my friends have been doing it and found it effective and didn't totally hate it so I figured I could give it 21 days and maybe get back to a more normal way of eating. It's definitely way too strict for me to continue to do long term but if strict is your thing then I think it's a decent program.

I just finished day 7 and at the end of each day I did a little recap so that I could share with you how it went. I should mention that I went from drinking 1-2 litres of diet pepsi every day to nothing but water and my caffeine withdrawal was real and it was nasty. On top of that, I was going through some debilitating back pain that I have come to realize was from antidepressants I had started a month ago. So i was a miserable cow and not fun to be around for the first couple days.  Here's my review :

Day 1: Today I learned that this is going to take a lot of planning ahead! The container game is real. I didnt get all my containers in and I think I need to try to get a veggie and a protein in at breakfast and even them all out through the day better. Im not going to bed hungry which is kind of shocking considering Im going from eating like 3000 calories a day of shit to 2000 of whole foods but Im fine with it. I didn't have any slips today, even though there was a lot of pizza temptation, so Im happy with how it went down.

Day 2: Today sucked. I didn't cheat and I ate most of my containers but I hardly had an appetite to do so. Im going through awful caffeine withdrawal - constant headache, always in a disgusting sweat, irritable and I could honestly become the most violent person on the planet if provoked. Im miserable. I've gone from over indulging on to little to no caffeine, sugar, carbs, fat and liquor and I think my body is wondering what the fuck is going on here.

Day 3: I feel like my symptoms are fading a bit but I am still so miserable. I don't know how I could possibly do 18 more days of this. Im stubborn so Im vowing to finish 7 days but if at the end of the 7 days I just think its too unrealistic to stick to I will stick to the principals but not so strict. I know I may feel better in a couple of days but today I want to slit throats and eat burgers.

Day 4: I'm finally starting to feel better and the shitty caffeine withdrawal symptoms have subsided. I am trying to get the hang of the containers and staying within them while still making creative, satisfying meals. It is definitely possible. Realizing more and more how much easier it is if I just plan ahead a little bit.

Day 5: Today I feel good. I feel like I can make it through the 21 days and take what I've learned through using the containers and making better portions and apply it to a more realistic (for me) way of balanced eating after the 21 days. A couple days ago I never thought I could survive the 21 days but I'm feeling much more optimistic now.

Day 6: I came the closest to eating all my containers today that I have so far! I'll be honest though, I have this weird like "Did I eat too much?" feeling sitting in my gut. I don't know if its delusional disordered thinking because I'm actually satisfied and not starving to death and homicidal or if I just feel guilty because I had things that are not on the okay list for the fix. I had a tbsp of non approved dressing, a tbsp of sour cream and I had delicious ranch with my veggies at work today. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the dressings in the coming days because it is the most challenging and absolute worst part about this plan. I can handle no junk, no pop, no bingeing etc for 21 days but not being able to put sauces and dressing that I actually enjoy on things is the killer.

Day 7: Today was a weird day. I woke up late and my schedule was off but I ate well and balanced. I went back to the gym for the first time in probably over a year which was scary but went well. I did cheat today and I decided that Im cool with it and I'll probably have a little treat on day 14 as well. I didn't binge or go overboard and Im pretty proud of that.. thats what its all about right? Cheers to 7 days down.

So yeah.. at the start of this .. it was really challenging for me. I think this program is great for the person who is already sort of fit, has decent eating habits but wants to get really hardcore for an event or spruce up their body for summer. This program is effective, realistic and definitely a better plan for that person than for me but I'm going to stick to it regardless. For me it was like 0 to 100 and was pretty intense for the first couple of days. I should add also that I don't even do the work out videos because Im not willing to pay for them and Ive just been adding in exercise when I can. And it was still a challenge! I never thought I was going to get to Day 7 and be like "I can do this" but here I am at day 7 and I can totally do this. Yes, I totally am making my own rules like having a weekly treat and working out as I please, but Im pretty proud of the fact that Im sticking to the diet part pretty religiously!

As far as results go, I have hidden my scale in my roommates room and I am not weighing in or measuring anything until the 21 days are over. I think once I step on the scale during something like this, it's generally a downward spiral toward being obsessed with the scale and getting on it 3 times a day. That shit is crazy and mentally exhausting and all of a sudden my worth is coming for a 3 digit number on a digital screen. No fucking thank you. I obviously hope I lose some fat and gain some good habits during the 21 days but Id rather just reflect at the end at which point I'll totally share my results.

So there you have it. My first week of the 21 Day Fix was bumpy and messy and painful but ended really well. I'm looking forward to making some new recipes and forming some new habits and I'm evening looking forward to more gym time. I can't believe I just said that. I'm also looking forward to doing more writing about different things and hopefully I actually do it because I just love this little blog o'mine.

If you have any questions that I didn't cover here please feel free to shoot me a message on my facebook page, my twitter or on the post in the comments :) Until next time!

Big Love,

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  1. Great review, Bailey! I personally LOVE the 21 Day Fix - both the regular version and extreme. I've never seen such drastic results with a program before!


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